Neotel launches home phone service

first_imgPrice differentiator 23 October 2008 “We believe that we have hit the nail on the head with this product, particularly in light of the current economic conditions,” Neotel Consumer Business Unit head Mukul Sharma said in a statement this week. According to Neotel, a key differentiator of the company’s home phone offering is the call rates. “During the course of 24 months, a usage discount of up to R25 will be given back to the consumer every month,” Sharma said. “This effectively means that consumers could be reimbursed for the full purchase price of the phone.” “This eliminates the risk of losing your service due to copper [cable] theft.” Two packages There is no differentiation between Neotel-to-Neotel peak and off peak rates, which are charged at 17 cents per minute for local calls at all times. Both packages operate on true per-second billing for all calls, from the first second onwards. SAinfo reporter Neotel’s home phone is available in two packages, the first of which allows the consumer to purchase the phone upfront for R599, followed by a monthly service fee of R99. “While the product focuses on providing consumers with high-quality voice, they also have the option of utilising data, sms and e-mail, which is provided as part of the service,” Sharma said, adding that a further benefit of Neotel’s home phone was that the service was delivered via a fixed-wireless product. The second package does not require an upfront payment for the phone, and is charged at R199 per month. “Consumers are feeling the pinch of global and local economic pressures and are continuously looking to save costs, but still stay in touch. “At 34 cents per minute for local peak landline calls, and 17 cents per minute for local off-peak landline calls, communicating will become more affordable for the consumer,” Sharma said. Neotel has launched a home phone service in South Africa’s major metropolitan areas, making use of the company’s fixed-wireless network – with local peak rates to all landlines set at almost half the price consumers are currently paying. “Neotel’s home phone is a home phone that offers impeccable voice quality, delivery within 48 hours of successful order completion and no installation required,” he said. “On this package, users receive 1 000 free Neotel-to-Neotel minutes and 200 free sms within Neotel’s coverage area, [with] the free minutes [being] applicable for local, regional and national calls,” Sharma said. Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

HitMakers Share The Specialized Intuitive Art Of Crafting The Perfect Song

first_img Twitter Photo: Antonio EspinoIn busbee’s breakout session, he made sure he had context for each group member’s aspirations and personal background, so that his advice would be as tailored as possible. Even then, he reminded the group that at the end of the day, everyone’s feedback is based on their opinions, so it’s important to know your north, and put yourself in the other person’s shoes to best understand where they are coming from and how to move forward, which is sound advice for any professional relationship.Mon Laferte Talks First Coachella Performance, ‘Norma’ & MoreRead more Hit-Makers Share The Specialized, Intuitive Art Of Crafting The Perfect Song Hit-Makers Talk Crafting The Perfect Song hit-makers-share-specialized-intuitive-art-crafting-perfect-song Photo: Antonio EspinoTheir stories all underscored the importance of perseverance, believing in yourself and really putting your work out there, as you never know when the right person will be in the right place to hear or share your song. “You start with nothing, then all of a sudden, there it is,” Stevens underscored. all of them have a “song mountain,” as busbee, who received a GRAMMY nomination for co-writing with Maren Morris on “My Church,” put it, of tracks that may never see the light of day, but helped them learn, make mistakes, improve and grow as creatives.The insights made clear that not only is there not one path or five hard-set rules to becoming a hit songwriter, there is also no formula to making great songs. Even GRAMMY winner Jerkins, who began making his mark in the late ’90s with his work with Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez, Destiny’s Child (with “Say My Name in 1999 and “Lose My Breath” in 2004, among others), agreed that each session is different.They all agree that building good rapport and understanding with each artist you work with is vital to the process. For example, when Jerkins met with a then-up-and-coming Lopez in the 1999, while they had just met for the first time in the studio, and she had yet to release music, he asked himself what might she want to say to a man that he could express for her in the track. He wanted to express vulnerability in a way that felt real to her experience, and her debut hit single, “If You Had My Love,” was born.”No one knows what a hit is until it happens…I truly believe that if is meant to be, its meant to be,” -Rodney Jerkins”No one knows what a hit is until it happens,” Jerkins said. “I truly believe that if is meant to be, its meant to be.””We couldn’t be doing anything else. It’s passion, passion meets you at the door,” added Stevens, who began as an aspiring singer/songwriter in Nashville and at one point switched to his “back-up career” of hair styling, until, as he puts it, fate had other ideas, and now he’s become an in-demand songwriter in both pop and country, working with the likes of Lady Antebellum to Selena Gomez.His comment, and similar ones from the other mentors, all underscored the importance of not giving up on your dreams, and not letting your fears get in the way of using the skills and passion you were meant to share with the world.”Nobody else is going to get what’s yours,” busbee said. He added, “You never know who’s going to make the decision that changes the course of your life.”After the discussion, which left the audience visibly inspired and excited to create, the group broke out into work sessions led by each mentor; who gave individual guidance to demo songs presented by each participant, allowing them the space to ask more specific questions to their work and aspirations. Facebook “No one knows what a hit is until it happens,” GRAMMY-winning songwriter/producer Rodney Jerkins, aka Darkchild, explained during a highly informative industry event hosted by our Los Angeles ChapterAna YglesiasGRAMMYs Apr 13, 2019 – 1:17 pm Yesterday, April 12, a large, diverse group of musicians, artists and music lovers began the annual trek to the desert for weekend one of Coachella. Working with this creative, inspired energy, the Los Angeles Chapter of the Recording Academy brought together songwriters with an impressive roster of hits to share their wisdom with aspiring songwriters and artists for a hands-on Craft Session at a beautiful house in Palm Springs.During the first half of the intimate event, songwriters busbee, Rodney Jerkins aka Darkchild, MarcLo of Monsters & Strangerz (part of team behind Zedd’s GRAMMY-nominated “The Middle”), Sarah Hudson (who has written for Camila Cabello, Katy Perry and others) and Shane Stevens went deep into the art of crafting the perfect track and the things they’ve learned along the way in their quest to navigate and excel in the music industry. They discussed the weaving journeys each took that led them to their first hit and eventually to where they are today, as successful songwriters and producers. News Email last_img read more