Future Friday: Freelance Work and Lifelong Education

first_imgOriginally posted on Omega HR Solutions Blog. I came across an interview with Australian entrepreneur Michael Priddis. He is preparing to launch an intelligence research and development business in Australia. The interview was fascinating, and I highly recommend reading it. Priddis makes some great observations, such as: “Computers are good at doing the jobs we find hard, and bad at the ones we find easy….But empathy, insight, intuition, it’s impossible to do those as well. It’s probable that as artificial intelligence [AI] develops there will be some capability, but never what a human can do. People should move into roles requiring these skills.” If you have been reading my Future Friday posts, you know that I have been saying that for some time. In addition to several other points Priddis made there was one that I found interesting, and it dealt with freelancers.Freelance work, technology and continuing educationPriddis points out that technology has made it easier for people to be self-employed on a much larger scale. Unfortunately government regulation has not made it easy, so some work there needs to be done in many governments.He also points out that in the world of self-employment you have to keep learning to continue to advance your skill set. Unfortunately taking time to learn something takes time away from earning. I know that from personal experience. I work very hard at trying to keep up with what is happening in HR, from regulatory issues to how to work with younger generations of workers. But doing so takes time away from actually finding clients and performing work for them. Priddis’ implication is that if you are learning, you are not earning. He said, “It seems counterintuitive for governments to believe in self-employment on one hand, and on the other hand to provide no ability to keep people learning so they can be self-employed.”He feels that there needs to be a radical change in the Australian education system, and I feel the same can be said about the U.S. He said, “We need more practical, more vocational courses, shorter in duration than two or three years. This requires a level of discussion about new business models for universities, and a new infrastructure around education.” We are starting to see learning opportunities offered by MOOC, such as Coursera and Udemy, but they do take time and effort and reduce earning opportunities. That may restrict some people from pursuing self-employment opportunities.Then again, if you want to be self-employed you just have to work harder and smarter to take advantage of the opportunities that are available in order to make yourself more valuable.last_img read more

CoRank Relaunches: Create Your Own Digg

first_imgWhen CoRank launched in March it was a social news ranking site (like Digg) that filtered news based on your sources — people whose opinion you value. Or, as CoRank founder Rogelio Bernal Andreo told us, it was “yet another boring bookmarking site.” Today, the site relaunched with a new focus: allowing users to create their own, branded social news and bookmarking site based on CoRank’s technology using a set of simple online tools.Rogelio, who is also the founder of eGrupos, one of the largest Spanish-speaking social networks on the web, said that a trial run of the new CoRank on the Spanish version revealed some demand for this type of build-your-own-digg service (Rumoreame is an example of a customized CoRank running on the Spanish language version that is getting some use). Related Posts Creating a site on CoRank is a simple 3 step process. Choose a name and subdomain, enter a description, choose a design and set up your categories. After your site is set up, you can change any of the settings you chose during sign up, or access the HTML and CSS for real customization of its look and feel. You can monetize your creation using Google Adsense. CoRank’s customization and management tools are all very easy to use (they passed the difficult “Can Josh understand them?” test).Is It Worth It?It may seem fruitless to try competing with Digg, but I think that because of CoRank’s twist, which attempts to eliminate the mob from social news voting, there is an opportunity for tighter social networking as a result. CoRank offers its users a “Like Minded” feature, which gives you statistics on the 50 users who are most like you based on voting and submission. Tags:#news#web 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hostingcenter_img A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… I think this presents an opportunity for CoRank to allow users to connect in a way that most social networks don’t offer: based on how similarly you think. CoRank’s new version will allow people to create specialized, topical versions of that concept. So, for example, I could create a movie news site that would allow people to connect with other, like minded movie geeks. Beyond just sharing a love of movies, CoRank’s tools would allow users to find people who actually share a similar outlook on the film industry.What do you think? Is there a place for branded, topical social news and bookmarking sites? josh catone 1 Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…last_img read more

The Perfect Job is a Myth

first_img“Land the job that gets you here so you can work to get the job that keeps you here.”I tell this to every current intern or job-seeker who wants to move to Washington, DC. Unless you’ve got a lot of money saved or a source of “supplemental income,” you’ve only got a finite amount of time to find a paid gig. Many job seekers spend all of their time looking for their dream job. You’re going about it the wrong way.Your dream job today won’t necessarily be your dream job in 10 years. And if it still is, you won’t be able to get there if you’re only willing to wait for that one perfect job. Opportunities are not guaranteed for anyone.Here are some helpful tips that can speed up your job search:1.  Make a list of organizations, companies, and causes you are interested in working for and find out what open positions they currently have. If your dream job isn’t on that list, so what? The staff assistant opening listed today could turn into that policy job you really want tomorrow. Many places hire from within, and you’ll have the advantage other jobseekers lack.2.  If you need to pay the bills, you are not above any (legal) job. If your dream is to live in Washington, DC, do what it takes to get here. If those interviews just aren’t working out, there is nothing wrong with getting a job at a restaurant or small business that will help pay your bills while you’re still looking for full-time work. In fact, I know many people who have full-time jobs that work part-time gigs so they can expand their network. That person you met while waiting tables could end up offering you a chance to interview at their company.3.  You are not tied to the first job you take. My first job in DC was in an industry I had absolutely no interest in, but I needed a paycheck. I was there for approximately eight months before I was recruited for a new position off of Conservative Jobs. By no means am I advocating that you jump from job to job early in your career, but know that you will get more opportunities if you are currently employed in the city in which you want to live.4.  Have an open mind. Perhaps this is wisdom that comes from being in the work force for over a decade, but most people don’t really know what they want to do. Choose opportunities that allow you to learn how to work hard and get results. Working hard doing things you don’t necessarily want to do will allow you to eventually narrow down what you enjoy doing. That is when careers begin.If you work hard, produce results, and expand your network, you will eventually get that dream job. But for now, focus on getting that first job that allows you to be in Washington, DC. Patricia Simpson is Director of Political and Career Programs at the Leadership Institute.last_img read more

How To Get Started With Google+ Hangouts On Air

first_imgjon mitchell On the splash screen for Hangouts, there’s a new checkbox that says Enable Hangouts On Air. A pop-up will warn you that your Hangout will now be broadcast both on Google+ and on your YouTube channel. What do you do now? Well, that’s up to you! Check out some of our ReadWriteWeb Hangouts for inspiration. Here’s our broadcast from last week, in which we talk about the future of video games: Tags:#Google#web Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Google has announced today that Hangouts On Air are going worldwide. That means any Google+ user who wants to stream live video to the whole world can do so. Hangouts have always been the killer app for Google+, and this announcement makes them into a truly new broadcast medium. Here’s how to get started.Google’s announcement says that the rollout will happen “gradually, over the next few weeks,” so if you don’t have it yet, be patient. Once you’ve got Hangouts On Air, here’s how to start one.To start a Hangout On Air, click the normal Hangout button on the right sidebar.center_img When you click “Okay, got it!”, you’ll be taken to a big, long terms of service document. It’s the usual. You’re giving Google the right to display your Hangout content all over its properties. Hey, Google’s giving you the ability to broadcast your video to everyone on Earth for free. It’s the least you can do, right?After you agree to the terms, you’re in the Hangout, but it isn’t recording or broadcasting yet. This gives you time to get your participants set up and ready. Once everybody is settled, you click the “Start Broadcast” button in the top right. This will give you one last reminder that your video will be broadcast live to the public and be available on YouTube when you’re done.Once you click “Okay,” the red button starts a 10-second countdown, and then you’re live. You’ll hear a ding when the video starts. The title at the top will switch to “On Air,” and you’ll be able to see the number of live viewers along the top. You can even embed the stream on your own site. A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… At ReadWriteWeb, we’ve been testing Hangouts On Air for a few months. Things were a little bit rough at first. A glitch when began the Hangout would mess up the whole broadcast, or the saving to YouTube wouldn’t work and we’d lose the show. We understood that we were beta testers, and we were glad to do it, but it was still frustrating.Related: I Google+ Hungout With You And It Wasn’t Even CreepyBut after the Google+ redesign in April, things changed. The controls got easier. YouTube processing happened almost instantly after finishing the broadcast (on a good day). Google has worked out the bugs, and we think Hangouts On Air is ready for everyone. Related Posts 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Intel® Xeon® Processor 5600 and 7500 Series: Driving Changes for BMW Cuts Energy Use by 20%

first_imgTo meet its corporate goals, BMW Group needed to cut carbon emissions and energy use in its data center and make the applications and operations more efficient. It also wanted to develop a larger virtual environment for key applications to lower management costs.Based on its long relationship with Intel, BMW Group tested the new Intel® Xeon® processors 5600 and 7500 series. Moving away from its existing RISC-based platform to the x86 architecture enabled more efficient power usage and increased performance. Virtualization helped  BMW minimize its physical server fleet and improve system manageability.Now BMW expects to reduce energy use by 20 percent. Virtualizing the environment on Intel® architecture will let the company consolidate servers by 30:1. Plus, with better system and application performance the business and development teams can get results sooner and speed time to market.“We’re confident that with our new Intel® technology-based platform we will overachieve against the goals we have set ourselves in terms of business performance and energy efficiency,” said Axel-Knut Bethkenhagen, head of corporate license management for BMW Group.For all the details, read our new BMW Group business success story. As always, you can find this one, and many more, in the Intel.com Reference Room and IT Center.last_img read more

Faf du Plessis, JP Duminy rested as South Africa turn towards youth in T20Is vs Sri Lanka

first_imgSouth Africa head coach, Russell Domingo, is excited to usher in the next generation of international cricketers in the upcoming T20 International series against Sri Lanka. The Proteas’ squad boasts six new caps in Jon-Jon Smuts, Theunis de Bruyn, Mangaliso Mosehle, Andile Phehlukwayo, Dane Paterson and Lungi Ngidi, players who have been rewarded for consistent performances in the domestic T20 Challenge.  The series will be an opportunity for Domingo and the selectors to have a look at the depth of their resources, and more importantly, unearth new talents on the international stage. Although the date for the next ICC World T20 has yet to be officially confirmed, the youngsters in the new-look squad will still see it as an opportunity to make their mark for further international honours with one eye on the next tournament.  (Also read: 3rd Test: Sublime South Africa smash Sri Lanka to sweep series)Farhaan Behardien will make his captaincy debut as stand-in captain for the first two matches, and will gain valuable leadership qualities which will no doubt add value to the strong senior-player group in the Proteas environment.”I’m excited by the group of players that I’m going to be working with,” Domingo said. “I’m not going to be seeing Faf (du Plessis), JP (Duminy), Hashim (Amla), AB (de Villiers), KG, there are going to be 13 completely new players who will be so hungry and desperate to make an impression on South African cricket, that is exciting for us (coaches).”I’ve told our coaches that we have to have our ‘A’ game because it will be like the first day of school for a lot of these players. They are so desperate to play for their country and it’s exciting for me to get to work with those type of new players.”advertisementThe first match of the series will take place at SuperSport Park in Centurion on Friday.last_img read more

Klaus Veitinger CEO of Promentis Pharmaceuticals

first_imgKlaus Veitinger, CEO of Promentis Pharmaceuticals.Last updated on July 2nd, 2019 at 09:03 pmTrichotillomania is a neuropsychiatric disorder afflicting about 1 percent of the U.S. population. Those with the condition pull out their own hair, causing noticeable hair loss and significantly impacting self-esteem, health, employment and quality of life. After a promising Phase 1 clinical trial, Milwaukee-based Promentis Pharmaceuticals Inc. in December entered Phase 2 of clinical trials for a drug to treat the condition, which is believed to be exacerbated by glutamatergic imbalance and oxidative stress – factors Promentis’ compound targets. And Promentis has raised most of a $26 million Series C round of investor funding to fuel its next stage of growth, with Brookfield-based Golden Angels Investors among the contributors, which also include OrbiMed, F-Prime Capital Partners, Aisling Capital, Black Pearl GmbH and individual investors. Promentis’ lead compound, SXC-2023, has the potential to treat not just trichotillomania, but also a wide range of adult impulse control diseases, including obsessive compulsive disorder, and substance-related and addictive disorders, said Klaus Veitinger, chief executive officer.“Right now, the goal is to show safety and efficacy for our mechanism of action,” Veitinger said. “…because once you are there, there are a lot of options because this mechanism’s applicable to a whole host of psych disorders and even some neurological disorders.”Promentis was established in 2007 by Dr. David Baker, a Marquette University professor and associate chair of the Department of Biomedical Sciences, and John Mantsch, the chair of Marquette’s Department of Biomedical Sciences.The company has previously raised a total of $5 million from investors. With its recent Series C raise, the company adjusted its leadership structure.Veitinger, a venture partner with OrbiMed, was named chief executive officer and Daniel Lawton was named president in March 2017. They replaced Chad Beyer, who had served as president and CEO before this most recent investment.Veitinger and Dr. Stephen Squinto also joined the Promentis board as OrbiMed representatives. Dr. Tom Beck, executive partner at F-Prime, was named chief medical officer of Promentis and was appointed to the board. And Stacey Seltzer joined the board as a representative of Aisling.Promentis’ technology, which was in-licensed by Marquette University and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, must go through one more phase of development before it can be brought to market, which Veitinger estimates will be around 2023.“The one thing about our industry is it’s a little bit almost like building the next 747, so it’s…a big project, very complex, and you have to think it through from the beginning to the end,” Veitinger said.Pharmaceuticals are notoriously difficult to develop, with an arduous and costly process of testing to gain FDA approval.“This is not an uncommon pathway at all,” said Michael Harrison, Milwaukee business development manager at state industry organization BioForward Wisconsin. “It’s a very long road. Just getting initial funding, a lot of them are beholden to NIH grants to begin with. If they see a commercialization potential then they start with SBIR grants because it’s very hard to get funding.”Promentis has targeted trichotillomania because there is nothing approved to treat it, and there is a clear medical need, Veitinger said.“You can receive several benefits from the FDA for going after rare diseases, so that was probably part of their reasoning,” Harrison said. “That being said, there are a lot of underappreciated or under-recognized psychiatric disorders. It’s less rare than people thought it was initially.”The company, which has most of its employees in Milwaukee and a couple in a Boston office, is also working to launch a parallel study on obsessive compulsive disorder, for which it would need additional funding, he said.When Promentis was founded, there was a lot of investor interest in psych drugs, but it died down over the past few years, Veitinger said. Now, that interest is emerging again.“Psych is always a tempting investment for investors because there’s a lot of unmet need,” Veitinger said. “But it’s also sometimes scary because a lot of things have to play out, so it’s seen as risky.”Promentis is among a few Wisconsin companies focused on small-molecule drug development, of the 90 or so in the pharmaceutical sector, Harrison said. The company has been lucky to gain the funding to continue its testing to this phase.“Because of the riskiness and the lack of funding for those types of startups, we don’t have a lot of them,” he said. “It’s somewhat uncommon for them to get this far as a private entity as they have.”Long-term, Promentis is expected to either go public or have a merger event, Veitinger said.That Promentis has advanced this far in its development without being acquired or selling its formula to a large pharmaceutical company is notable, Harrison said. It speaks to the strength of the company’s leadership that it was able to secure early-stage funding from Wisconsin investors.“Promentis is a very successful and important part of that pharmaceutical ecosystem because it’s something that we don’t have a lot of,” he said. “It’s an excellent model for people to go after and see how they found success.” Get our email updatesBizTimes DailyManufacturing WeeklyNonprofit WeeklyReal Estate WeeklySaturday Top 10Wisconsin Morning Headlines Subscribelast_img read more