“Happy Death Day” Beat “Blade Runner 2049” to Win the Box Office

first_img“Blade Runner 2049” falls to #2 after bringing in another $15.1 million.  It’s now surpassed $60 million in two weeks, which SOUNDS good, except that it cost about $150 million to make. 1.  NEW:  “Happy Death Day”, $26.5 million.2.  “Blade Runner 2049”, $15.1 million.  Up to $60.6 million in its 2nd week.3.  NEW:  “The Foreigner”, $12.8 million.4.  “It”, $6.1 million.  Up to $314.9 million in its 6th week.5.  “The Mountain Between Us”, $5.7 million.  Up to $20.5 million in its 2nd week.6.  “American Made”, $5.4 million.  Up to $40.2 million in its 3rd week.7.  “Kingsman: The Golden Circle”, $5.3 million.  Up to $89.7 million in its 4th week.8.  “The Lego Ninjago Movie”, $4.3 million.  Up to $51.6 million in its 4th week.9.  “My Little Pony: The Movie”, $4 million.  Up to $15.5 million in its 2nd week.10.  “Victoria and Abdul”, $3.1 million.  Up to $11.3 million in its 4th week. People are officially in the Halloween spirit.  The new horror movie “Happy Death Day” won the box office this Friday the 13th weekend, with an opening take of $26.5 million.  That’s outstanding for a movie with a budget under $5 million.center_img Here’s the Top 10:last_img read more

SATURDAY SIX THANKSGIVING SPECIAL: Six Reasons for Theme Park Fans to Give Thanks in 2019

first_img# 5 –  Epcot ForeverEpcot Forever is a jukebox musical for fans of classic Epcot, with music clips representing the park’s attractions from the years 1982 – 2005. Like most Disney nighttime shows, the soundtrack is combined with fireworks and other visual effects, all staged above Epcot’s World Showcase lagoon.If you have fond memories of this era of Epcot attractions, Epcot Forever is a mostly pleasant trip back in time. The soundtrack includes samples of everything from the original Epcot entrance music, Spaceship Earth’s Tomorrow’s Child, and the Tapestry of Nations parade. On the other hand, first-time Epcot guests might wonder what the song “Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit” has to do with anything they saw in today’s Epcot. (There’s enough of a connection to the Living with the Land boat ride to make sense, although that’s not where the song originated.)The music is accompanied by a good selection of colorful fireworks and lasers. A new visual effect uses illuminated kites, pulled by jet skis around the lagoon, to enhance the show. The kites change colors as the music changes, and even spout fireworks at one point. If you’re looking at online video of the show, note that this effect looks much better in person.The show has its faults: The use of child narrators infantilizes Epcot’s original purpose of celebrating imagination, enterprise, science, and technology. And the inclusion of “A Whole New World” from Disney’s Aladdin is the kind of corporate shilling that the original Epcot Center specifically resisted. Still, as a temporary show, and one that’s replacing the classic IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, Epcot Forever‘s visual effects alone make the show worth staying for.Epcot Forever as seen from the Japan Pavilion. (photo by Tom Bricker of the Disney Tourist Blog)Epcot Forever. (photo by @schmoofy)E-Ticket KITES. (photo by Blog Mickey) # 1 – Star Wars: Galaxy’s EdgeWhether it was the jaw-dropping moment of seeing the Millenium Falcon in person, the intimate experience of building your own lightsaber at Savi’s Workshop, listening to DJ-Rex at Oga’s Cantina, or getting the coolest looking Coke bottle ever made, the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge brought a smile to the face of many Star Wars fans. The planet of Batuu rock work is among the best Disney has ever done, giving a sense of true awe when walking around the land. Ronto Wraps immediately became one of our favorite food items in all of WDW, while the dining experience at Docking Bay 7 reminded us of the great Satu’li Canteen in Pandora: The World of Avatar.We are mere days away from Rise of the Resistance opening in Florida. The addition of this game changing attraction will help make Galaxy’s Edge one of the most memorable lands in all of Walt Disney World.The Millenium Falcon. (photo by Rikki Niblett)“Chewie, we’re home.”SAT SIX editor in chief Megan Stump enjoys the Falcon with a half-witted, scruffy-looking nerf herder.Flying the Falcon is a dream come true for many guests. (photo by Daniel Germain)Kylo Ren’s ship. (photo by Megan Stump)Walk around character Rey. (photo by Megan Stump)DJ-Rex at Oga’s Cantina. (photo by Megan Stump)The Ronto Wrap is E-Ticket.Photos in Galaxy’s Edge at night can seem otherworldly. (photo by DisFlix killer The Schmoof) # 4 – Dark Arts at Hogwarts CastleA brief projection show similar to The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts show, this one is focused on the darker side of magic. Death Eaters are joined by evil creatures like Dementors and misunderstood ones like Thestrals, punctuated, of course, by the Dark Lord himself, Voldemort. While it’s always good to see a little attention paid towards “the bad guys,” the Dark Arts show’s biggest strength is the introduction of walk around Death Eaters to the Universal Orlando Resort. Before each Dark Arts showing, Death Eaters would terrorize Hogsmeade Village with a mini-show before interacting with Muggles.Death Eaters prepare to take over Hogsmeade, but the true villain in this photo is the guest on the right taking a video in portrait. (photo by Joe Matt)A Death Eater roams Hogsmeade Village. (photo by Seth Kubersky of The Unofficial Guides)The SATURDAY SIX’s own Megan Stump gets a photo with a Death Eater.The opening night of Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle. (photo by @bioreconstruct)Knockturn Alley’s Borgin and Burkes store gets a segment during Dark Arts. (photo by @bioreconstruct)Death Eater mask. (photo by @bioreconstruct)Fire from a dragon. (photo by @bioreconstruct)A shot of Dark Arts pyro as seen from Port of Entry. (photo by @bioreconstruct)# 3 – Sesame Street at SeaWorldSeaWorld Orlando was already a great park for kids, but the addition of Sesame Street was brilliant. There are plenty of rides themed to Sesame Street characters, a new parade, and a whole bunch of interactive elements to keep the young ones in your family busy. Adults young at heart will appreciate the great jokes throughout the land and a chance to take a picture with the characters we grew up with. Like the Dsiney Skyliner, we were also BLOWN AWAY with the overall quality of Sesame Street merchandise available as well!Sesame Street facades at SeaWorld. (photo by @bioreconstruct)Great details throughout the land. (photo by Megan Stump)Cookie Monster float in the parade. (photo by Megan Stump)Big Bird themed ride. (photo by Megan Stump)Cookie Monster merchandise. (photo by Megan Stump)Cookies!! (photo by Megan Stump)Photo op with Cooke Monster. (photo by Megan Stump)Big Bird. Double Secret Honorable Mention The Restaurants!2019 was ::chef’s kiss::Bigfire (Universal CityWalk)Bigfire in Universal CityWalk. (photo by Michael Carelli)Bigfire. (photo by Michael Carelli)Bigfire burger.(photo by Megan Stump)THEMED ICE. (photo by Megan Stump)Now THAT’S a S’mores dessert. (photo by Megan Stump)Outlets and hooks for purses at the bar. (photo by Megan Stump)Three Bridges (Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort)Three Bridges. (photo by Brandon Glover)You have our attention when using comic book pages in your restaurant’s theming. (photo by Brandon Glover)Tacos. (photo by Brandon Glover)Chicken biscuits. (photo by Brandon Glover)Churros. (photo by Brandon Glover)Takumi Tei (Epcot Japan Pavilion)Table setting for the kaiseki meal. (photo by Tessa Koten)Tea at Takumi Tei. (photo by Tessa Koten)Takumi Gyuniku, artisan beef. (photo by Tessa Koten) Share This!This week’s SATURDAY SIX is our annual Thanksgiving Special and takes a look at Six Reasons for Theme Park Fans to Give Thanks. 2019 was another “transition” year in the Florida theme park Universe, with Disney still lining up pegs for Magic Kingdom’s 50th anniversary in 2021, and Universal prepares for its third official theme park.  As is our tradition in this fine blog series, this Thanksgiving we are going to take a quick break from all the turkey, football games, and Black Friday pre-planning to count our blessings and thank the parks and resorts that we love so much. So, for one day only, we ask that all Disney and Universal fans put aside their differences and spend a brief moment appreciating all the wonderful things that we can share together, starting with…# 6 – The Disney SkylinerOne accident unexpected downtime aside, the Disney Skyliner is a wonderful addition to Walt Disney World. People love staying at the “monorail resorts,” and now we have “Skyliner resorts” with Caribbean Beach, Pop Century, and Art of Animation. Kids are going to love the fun wraps on many of the Skyliner gondolas, featuring a wide variety of Disney characters and brands. Adults are going to enjoy the birds-eye look at Disney property.It’s truly amazing the wide variety of transportation options guests have to experience when at the Vacation Kingdom. Monorails, boats, buses, Minnie vans, the Skyliner, and even horse-drawn carriage rides at some resorts! One nice surprise for us Disneyana collectors was the amount of really good Skyliner merchandise that arrived with the gondolas. Outside of the awesome monorail toy set, merchandise for Disney transportation vehicles is pretty weak. However the Skyliner came with a great selection of items; with t-shirts, buttons, and toys, including a Funko Pop.Disney Skyliner passes by Pop Century. (photo by Brandon Glover)Disney Skyliner looks at at the Disney Swan and Dolphin resorts. (photo by Brandon Glover)Disney Skyliner in action. (photo by Brandon Glover)Disney Skyliner passes by Art of Animation. (photo by Brandon Glover)Skyliner buttons. (photo by Erin Foster)center_img Honorable Mention – The new hotels!Disney went BIG when it came to hotels this year, literally. Gran Destino Tower is almost shocking to see when you turn into Coronado Springs for the first time. The good news is that Gran Destino is loaded with amenities, including a roof top bar and a club level lounge with incredible views of Walt Disney World property.Gran Destino Tower. (photo by Brandon Glover)View from Chronos Lounge at Destino with a million dollar view of Disney property. (photo by Brandon Glover)The Dahlia Lounge is a rooftop bar with an incredible look at a non descript coaster themed to India or whatever. (photo by Brandon Glover)You had me at Mickey shaped sugar cubes. (photo by Brandon Glover)While Disney used Gran Destino to cater to the high rollers in the convention crowd, Universal went the other way with the introduction of it’s first true “value” resort with Surfside Inn and Suites. Part of the Endless Summer Resort, Surfside will be joined by Dockside Inn and Suites in 2020. Surfside brings the option of staying at a Universal hotel to guests who before would stay at hotels on I-Drive to save money. Just minutes away from CityWalk via a dedicated bus, Surfside offers the early access to Universal parks (including Volcano Bay) that can be a huge asset when touring. Come for the affordable rooms, stay for the onsite Starbucks and fitness center… at a value resort!!!Surfside Inn and Suites. (photo by Michael Carelli)Surfside lobby. (photo by Michael Carelli)Surfside food court. (photo by Michael Carelli)Starbucks! (photo by Michael Carelli) # 2 – Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike AdventureIn years past, one big difference between Universal and Disney was how well themed WDW was within lands while Uni was more a “collection of stuff.” In the past few years alone Universal has made major strides in making their parks more cohesive, whether it be Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon in the New York section at Universal Studios Florida, or Hagrid’s in Hogsmeade Village. As good as a ride as it was, Dragon Challenge stood out like a sore thumb in Hogsmeade. Hagrid’s fixes that in a major way and possibly makes Hogsmeade pound for pound the best overall land in any Florida theme park, and that includes WDW.Now, for the attraction itself. Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure is a high-speed roller coaster ride through the Forbidden Forest. Guests will experience a twisty, turvey coaster experience that replicates the motions of a flying motorbike. The ride elements and sensations are unlike any coaster in Orlando.Guests are students in the Care of Magical Creatures class, taught by the friendly Hogwarts Keeper of Keys, Rubeus Hagrid. Hagrid commandeered the forgotten buildings of Hogwarts for the breeding and storage of his magical creatures. Here Hagrid experiments to create a new beast, the blast-ended skrewt, and wants to take us on a field trip to observe them.During the preshow we find Hagrid also roped in Arthur Weasley to assist us with travel. Arthur gives the iconic Sirius Black motorbike a full Pimp My Ride treatment. Full repairs? Check. Dragon breath boost? Check. Geminio spell to make dozens of copies? Check. After market DVD play and plasma TV? Ok, not that much. After a quick spell by Hagrid we are soon on our way.On the way to board, guests see fairy nests, laboratories, and an assortment of magical eggs. Thankfully Universal reworked large portions of the old Dragon Challenge queue, significantly shortening a half-marathon length queue. Like Forbidden Journey and Hollywood Rip Ride Rock-It guests board the ride vehicles on a moving walkway. Guests riding the motorbike stand on the right-hand side while boarding and the guests in the side-car on the left.Once strapped in Hagrid quickly puts the pedal to the metal, blasting out of the thestrals stables and into our first launch. What differentiates this coaster from others is how the ride sensation feels like guests are actually riding a flying motorbike. The ride vehicle bucks, drops, and turns like its driven by a lead-footed teen learning how to drive a manual transmission. Yet unlike a driving instructor you will be thrilled as you experience what coaster-heads call lateral forces and negative g-forces (airtime).While on your class trip guests will fly through ancient ruins, past the giant three-headed dog Fluffy, and stall mid-air before falling backwards. While trying to recover from stalling out guests find themselves in the Forbidden Forest where devil snare entangles their bikes. A quick spell loosens the plant’s grip and guests free-fall 17 feet to safety. If you feel like a confundus charm was cast on you after this description, it means guests should hold on and experience the wildest ride in Scotland.Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure is a dragon-breath blast of a ride from start to finish, and is the most unique rollercoaster in Orlando. The ride sensations of flying through a forest combined with amazing set pieces make this a top five ride at Universal, and possibly THE best ride for many.Hagrid. (photo courtesy of the Universal Orlando Resort)Fun details in the queue include this post it note with an important question from Arthur Weasley. (photo by Hunter Underwood)Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure. (photo by Michael Carelli)Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure. (photo by Michael Carelli)Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure. (photo by Michael Carelli)Aerial view of Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure. (photo by @bioreconstruct)The opening few weeks and months of Hagrid’s motorbike were filled with challenges, but thankfully the ride was so incredible that everyone who rode it could forgive the problems. So there you have it: Six Reasons Theme Park Fans Should Be Thankful in 2019! See you next weekend for the latest installment of the SATURDAY SIX, where we’ll look at something fun from the world of Disney and Universal. If you enjoyed yourself, be sure to check out The Magic, The Memories, and Merch! articles, or, for your listening pleasure, check out the E-Ticket Report podcast. You can also follow Your Humble Author on Twitter (@derekburgan).Remember when the tails were taken off Slinky Dog Dash? The SAT 6 remembers…(art by Brian Cooper)last_img read more

Stratford boys basketball drops home game to Pittsville

first_imgTigers now 5-5 in Marawood SouthBy Paul LeckerSports ReporterSTRATFORD — Stratford was held to 32 percent shooting and just 18 second-half points as it fell to Pittsville 57-39 in a Marawood Conference South Division boys basketball game Tuesday night at Stratford High School.Pittsville (12-7, 7-4 Marawood South) led 26-21 at halftime and built on its lead in the second half, outscoring the Tigers 31-18.Nick Stoflet and Ethan Nagel each hit three 3-pointers to score nine points each to lead Stratford (9-8, 5-5 Marawood South).Pittsville statistics were not provided.The Tigers play at Marathon on Friday.(Hub City Times Sports Reporter Paul Lecker is also the publisher of MarshfieldAreaSports.com.)Panthers 57, Tigers 39Pittsville 26 31 – 57Stratford 21 18 – 39PITTSVILLE (57): No statistics reported. Record: 12-7, 7-4 Marawood South.STRATFORD (39): Brenden Fecker 2-7 2-2 7, Cole Hoffman 1-7 0-0 3, Drew Oertel 0-0 0-0 0, Nick Stoflet 3-4 0-0 9, Lucas Heidmann 1-2 0-0 2, Ethan Nagel 3-7 0-0 9, Derrick Schmidt 2-7 3-4 7, Jacob Danen 0-3 2-2 2, Tanner Weinfurtner 0-0 0-2 0. FG: 12-37. FT: 7-10. 3-pointers: 8-22 (Stoflet 3-4, Nagel 3-7, Fecker 1-3, Hoffman 1-6, Heidmann 0-1, Schmidt 0-1). Rebounds: 17 (Schmidt 3, Danen 3, Fecker 3). Record: 9-8, 5-5 Marawood South.last_img read more

SA’s budding biotech industry

first_img5 January 2004By international standards, South Africa’s budding biotechnology industry is small. But a national audit has found that the industry has “enormous potential” for growth and investment.The audit, funded by the department of science and technology and the Egoli BIO Life Sciences Incubator, indicates that South Africa has a “pipeline of potential new products and processes in the research and development stage”.It identifies 106 companies participating in biotechnology activities, 47 of which are classified as “core” biotechnology companies solely involved in biotech enterprises.“The fact that there are already 47 biotech companies that have established themselves with very little support gives SA the basis on which to build a much bigger industry”, Bioventures chief executive Heather Sherwin told Business Day newspaper. Bioventures is South Africa’s only biotechnology venture capital fund.The audit found that total spending on biotechnology research and development exceeded R290-million during 2002, while revenues for 48% of products and services in the local biotechnology industry came to R368-million during the same period.A global audit by Ernst & Young found that there were about 600 publicly traded biotechnology companies worldwide at the end of 2002, with a research and development expenditure of US$22-billion. The firms reported revenues of $41.3-billion.Sherwin says it is likely to be some time before local biotech firms start listing on the AltX exchange – SA’s new parallel market for small- and medium-sized companies – let alone on the JSE Securities Exchange main board. According to Sherwin, biotech companies need to have an operating profit greater than R8-million before they can list on AltX. She says only 20% of SA biotech firms have revenue in excess of R10-million.One successful biotech venture is Cape Town-based Synexa Life Sciences. The company specialises in the production of complex “molecular tools that help elucidate the cellular mechanisms that cause disease, enabling the development of new therapeutics.”Synexa chief executive Justin Devine says the creation of a successful biotech company is driven by passion, planned convergence of a world-class team, and products/services that hold a sustainable competitive advantage. “In the right combination, these factors will attract funding at the right time”, he says.Paul Abrahams, chief executive of eGoli BIO, says early stage financing opportunities for local biotech companies are available but are extremely limited because biotechnology is “one of the most difficult industries to understand and therefore perhaps the riskiest”.South Africa also does not currently have a network of “angel investors” – like in the United States – who have deep pockets and are prepared for high-risk and potentially high returns.The challenge, according to the audit, is to take advantage of the opportunities for the development of niche markets in which South African stakeholders can compete on a global scale.This can be facilitated by creating an “enabling environment” that allows stakeholders to maximise the benefit derived from the potential of biotechnology, while minimising the possible risks to the environment and human health.Abrahams advises biotech start-ups to:Understand the perceptions of seed capitalists.Be prepared for scepticism – SA investors are conservative.Explain the biotechnology venture fully to potential investors.Have outstanding management capabilities within the company – not only as scientists.Secure a large and growing market.Have products/services that can be bought to market to generate some income.Have technological backup to give the project a sustainable competitive advantage.Protect intellectual property.BiopadSouth Africa’s bid to commercialise biotechnology recently received a shot in the arm when the government allocated R250-million over two years towards the Biotechnology Partnership for Africa’s Development (Biopad).In addition, the department of science and technology allocated R400-million for the establishment of three regional Biopad biotechnology innovation centres, in accordance with its national biotechnology strategy. The first centre was launched in Johannesburg in March this year. The others will be in the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.Biopad was initiated earlier this year as a collective response, by a community of biotechnologists and other professionals, to the challenges posed by the varied needs of the region and the continent.According to the Biopad website, the aim of the initiative is to put South Africa among the world leaders in the application of biotechnology, in so doing “stimulating economic development, contributing to job creation, and building world-class skills and technology platforms to sustain and continue development”.Through a close relationship created between the eGoli BIO incubator, small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) are nurtured and prepared for commercialisation. External professionals with expertise in finances, marketing, management and business are used to assist the SMMEs.The centres will serve as nuclei for the development of biotechnology platforms, from which a range of businesses offering new products and services can be developed. The centres will promote research and development, entrepreneurial services, technology, intellectual property management and business incubation.SouthAfrica.info reporter Want to use this article in your publication or on your website?See: Using SAinfo materiallast_img read more

Spotlight on open access learning

first_imgRay Maota Open access resources will benefit everyone, especially pupils, as they will be able to access valuable information which would have been out of their reach if they had to pay for it.(Image: MediaClubSouthAfrica.com.Formore images, visit the image library) Professor Russel Botman, rector and vice chancellor of Stellenbosch University, said that it was important to bridge the divide and to set up processes for the free flow of information to and from developing countries.(Image: Stellenbosch University)MEDIA CONTACTS• Reggie RajuBerlin 10 Conference: programme chair+ 27 21 808 4641RELATED ARTICLES• A winning open education system• Take-away content to help pupils• Open access to SA journals• Education goes mobile with VodacomOpen Educational Resources (OER) is a system that uses digital materials for teaching, learning and research, and makes them freely available online.While many OERs are developed in industrialised countries, developing nations should themselves be more than mere consumers of them.OERs are to be shared, exchanged, expanded and adapted – with appropriate attributions.After becoming the first African university to sign the Berlin Declaration on open access to knowledge in science and humanities in 2010, Stellenbosch University will also become the first African host of the Berlin 10 Open Access Conference.Berlin 10 is the result of a meeting organised in 2003 by the Max Planck Society and the European Cultural Heritage Online project, where international experts were brought together “with the aim of developing a new web-based research environment using the Open Access paradigm as a mechanism for having scientific knowledge and cultural heritage accessible worldwide”.The result was the signing of The Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities, a document outlining the promotion of the internet as a medium of stimulating knowledge worldwide.Building on the widely accepted Budapest Open Access Initiative, the Berlin Declaration also calls for authors not to expect payment for their research and for them to give permission to others to use their work, so as to accelerate the pace of scholarship and research.Talking open accessThe Berlin 10 Open Access Conference, where unrestricted access to research material is to be discussed, will be held at the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS) in the Western Cape from 6 – 8 November 2012.The conference has been held annually since 2004 and to date Germany, Switzerland, England, Italy, France, China and – most recently – the US – have hosted it.Professor Russel Botman, rector and vice chancellor of Stellenbosch University, said: “Stellenbosch University will be a proud host of this prestigious event along with the Max Planck Society; the Academy for Science for South Africa; Unesco; and, the Association of African Universities.”Making research more accessibleBotman said that the time is right for Berlin 10 in South Africa.“South Africa and its academic and research institutions are at the juncture where they are formally adopting open access principles.“Africa is a near silent, almost invisible contributor to global research, but the research that is being conducted on the continent is not easily accessible to the international audience.”Botman said that it was therefore important to bridge the divide and to set up processes for the free flow of information to and from developing countries.“In my capacity as the vice president of The Association of African Universities, it is my obligation to see that higher education on the continent benefits from Berlin 10 but more importantly that Africa fully embraces open access itself,” he said.Signatories of the Berlin DeclarationSignatories of the Berlin Declaration will add value to the worldwide research output and at the same time make their mark as a progressive institute“Since Stellenbosch signed the declaration, five other institutions in South Africa have done the same,” said Botman.These are: the University of Cape Town; the University of the Free State; the University of Pretoria; the University of South Africa; and the University of Johannesburg.There are 10 other African institutions that have already signed the declaration, including the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana; the National University of Lesotho; and, the Mbarara University of Science and Technology in Uganda.If your institution wants to sign the Berlin Declaration, your highest representative needs to send an email or letter to the president of the Max Planck Society, indicating his or her wish to be listed as a signatory of the Berlin Declaration.Botman said: “Stellenbosch University is also one of a small group of institutions worldwide that have started to publish some of their journals using open source software.“In October 2011 the university launched 11 titles now being made available in this way.”Registration for the conferenceRegistration to attend the conference is now open and early birds will get a discount.Those who register before 15 September 2012 pay R3 300 (US$391), while those who miss that deadline will pay R4 000 ($474).The registration payment includes registration for the main conference, as well as lunch and coffee/tea breaks; workshops; conference and workshop material; the welcome function; and a gala dinner including transport.For payment and account details visit the Berlin 10 website.last_img read more

International sitarist Mahmood Mirza on a flying visit to Delhi

first_img“I need one hit film more than I need 100 awards however impressive they might be. That alone can open the doors to good roles in Indian films,” said Simi Grewal, while in the capital on one of her flying visits to see her husband, Mohan, who incidently does not,”I need one hit film more than I need 100 awards however impressive they might be. That alone can open the doors to good roles in Indian films,” said Simi Grewal, while in the capital on one of her flying visits to see her husband, Mohan, who incidently does not expect her to give up her cinematic career. “I wouldn’t stand in the way of his creative talent, so why should he?”Simi feels that when she first joined the films at the age of 15 she was too much of an idealist. “I thought only films like Ray’s and Sen’s had meaning,” but now to her thinking commercial films in India, are as much of a necessity. “They cater to the poor man who expects songs, dances, fights etc. for every bit of his money.” Simi has no apprehensions about Siddhartha being released practically uncensored in India. “It’s a beautiful film and one that should be seen by everybody. Besides I find the people mature and not nearly as narrow minded as I had previously thought.” What is her ultimate ambition? “Personally it has already been fulfilled, professionally it is to act under David Lean.”While the flower children’s rather forlorn cry for “peace in the world” never really penetrated beyond the boundaries of Haight-Ashbury, Michael Ragusa, a young Italian journalist, has taken upon himself the task of spreading the gospel of peace among a wider and far more diverse congregation. Michael, along with a photographer friend and a Dobermann Pinscher called “Lucky”, is currently in Delhi on the first lap of his one-man peace crusade which he hopes will take him all over the world.Michael left Rome and a secure job with “Paese Sera” a leading Italian paper in August 1975, and since then his tiny white caravan with the message “Let us join together for peace in the world” painted on the side, has travelled through Europe, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and now India. “I am not a revolutionary,” asserts Michael firmly, “I just want to meet people from all over the world and try and convince them that each one of us is morally and socially responsible for all the death and destruction that is taking place in the world.” Michael’s most coveted possession is a book, in which he intends to get all the heads of state he meets to write a small message of peace. So far his favourite signatories have been both women – Mrs. Allende of Chile, and naturally, Mrs. Indira Gandhi.advertisementInternational sitarist, Mahmood Mirza, was on a flying visit to Delhi last week for a couple of concerts. He had some frank and revealing comments to make on Western audiences who flocked to hear Indian music and musicians. “It’s hard,” he said, “to tell how much they actually understand. Of course, there are scholars of Indian music. You find them everywhere, in London, Paris, Amsterdam-and they are very warm-but the standard of Indian classical music in the West is sinking.” “What do you expect,” he asked, “if the level is brought down to the level of pop music?”Mirza’s own impression is that Indian musicians themselves have failed to successfully convey the seriousness of Indian classical music to Western audiences. “Everybody’s made a fast buck,” he said with a mixture of sadness and disapproval. For his own part though, he is propagating another message. “I do not associate with hippies and so on. My music is highly intellectual and meditative.” The young in the West, Mirza feels, are not serious enough about classical music. “Creativity has suffered for the last 200 years there. Why have they had no Beethoven?” En route to attend the World of Islam festival in London, which will last for two months, he had provoking comments to make about the popular belief that Islam frowns upon music. “Many among the greatest musicians in India have been Muslims, Indians, Pakistanis, and the rest of the Arab world are all so keenly receptive to music. Music, and the listening of it, can never be obstructed by religion. In fact we have it from a religious authority in Beirut that the Festival can go ahead without offending anybody’s religious feelings.”Director of Max Mueller in Canada, George Lechner said, “The sort of cultural work we do aims at a dialogue with the country we are in.” Why do Max Mueller Bhavans concentrate on presenting Western classical music? Lechner replied, “No country in the West has produced deeper music than Germany. What do you normally give a friend you love? The best of course, similarly we offer our best irrespective of how long it takes for Indians to appreciate it.” Married to an established Indian dancer Sonal Man Singh, Lechner’s primary interest is Indian dance. He regretted that “Canadians did not have any tradition of understanding Indian dance. They relate to European countries rather than the Third world. India just forms a little coloured spot in their curriculum.”In an attempt to change the prevalent attitude Lechner has enterprisingly planned an “India Week” in which he intends presenting Sonal Man Singh and Ali Akbar Khan in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal. After which Lechner hopes “time will work on the Canadians and soon allow them to appreciate Indian dance and music.” Lechner threatened, “Before I leave Canada, India Week will come through. I definitely want to leave a bug behind me.”advertisementDr. Ulrich Schaeffer, Director of the West German Transtel television network is a suave, impeccably-dressed man, who speaks flawless English and takes off his smart rimless glasses when being photographed. Last year, Dr. Schaeffer was here to offer Transtel TV programmes to the Indian satellite programme SITE, this year, a more important mission brought him to India, the possibility of Indian television and Transtel going into co-production to produce special programmes for the fast-expanding Indian TV circuit.”Transtel sells television programmes of all kinds and in all places,” said Dr. Schaeffer and elucidated on the amazingly vast variety that Transtel television covers. He thinks that Transtel’s strongest points are programmes and documentaries on science and sport. But in education and entertainment Transtel covers an equally wide range. Dr. Schaeffer who has come to India for the fourth time, was here first in the fifties as a student leading a student delegation that he proudly says, had the opportunity to meet Nehru. Dr Schaeffer has since developed his tremendous interest and enthusiasm for countries of the Third World. He was an adviser to the television department of UNESCO in Paris and for three years after that was involved in setting up the television school in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Transtel, which sells something like a 1,000 films a month to countries of the Third World, deals only with programmes. “Education, in the widest sense of the word, is what we are involved in, and doing it through television programmes is our business,” said Dr Schaeffer smiling.Usha Gratry, an Indian writer married to a Frenchman, now living in Geneva, has just brought out a history of India, together with philatelist Jean-Gabriel Zanetta, told through stamps. The book, exhibited at the International Philatelic Exhibition, Arphila 75, at the Grand Palais in Paris has already won international awards besides being reviewed practically in every capital of Europe. Mme. Gratry who has lived in Paris for the last quarter of a century is one of India’s more successful and glamorous ambassadors in Western Europe. “I have spent the last 28 years writing.” she said.But she has, all these years she has lived abroad, not lost touch with India at all. “I come here every year for a couple of months, to travel, to renew sensations and contacts and my husband is a passionate Indophile.” Among Mme. Gratry’s other books written and published in French, by as eminent publishers as Laffont and Plon, are treatises on the Hindu religion, the history of Indian women, and the traditional guru-chela relationship.advertisement”When I went to Paris more than 20 years ago, from a simpler life in Calcutta, I had the most beautiful life any human being on earth could desire. It was fabulous. I lectured on Indian dance, met people, saw great spectacles, and witnessed great events,” she said. Now that her husband and she have moved to Geneva, she is an active member of the Indo-Swiss Association, through which she continues to keep the Indian flag flying.last_img read more

The Best of Social Media from the Kansas State Game

first_imgLong Ateman first down to keep last #okstate TD drive alive seemed, uh, short of a first down. By a lot. pic.twitter.com/ABUBNdJL9r— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) October 3, 2015 So, #OKState D allows one Texas TD last week. This week? K-State already has two. With a FIFTH-STRING QUARTERBACK. #whatisgoingon?— Jenni Carlson (@JenniCarlson_OK) October 3, 2015 Squinky for president— d (@dbeeze_) October 3, 2015 i <3 cowboy football pic.twitter.com/4ZAPsmraqh— ɓαιℓѕ (@baymcmahan) October 4, 2015https://twitter.com/TrayWilliams_/status/650460769105018880https://twitter.com/osucbc/status/650459744063229952Honestly appreciate the fight out of the pokes tonight. At this point we just have to take what we get right? I'm crazy to expect better.— Sam Mayes (@AllmericanMayes) October 3, 2015 Everyone complaining about Yurcich: Seriously, what more did you want? What else could he have called with what he had? #OKState— Royal John (@Royal_John_OSU) October 4, 2015 Low oil prices & we can't stop K-State. Is it 1999?— Dave Hudson (@okc_dave) October 3, 2015 Yeah buddy what a snap @kalebsmith726 and hold @Bryan_tree_bear and dinger by @Ben__Grogan !! ???— Kip Smith (@KipKip_Hooray) October 3, 2015 I love this team so much but they may actually have to put me on blood pressure medication before the season is over— The OG (@GentsOkstate) October 4, 2015https://twitter.com/thatwordninja/status/650474487045976064Go damn Pokes @TheOkiePokie @GentsOkstate @OKStateProbs pic.twitter.com/TvdgAVQTY7— Tyler Hickman (@TylerHickman9) October 4, 2015 ?? pic.twitter.com/cAos3EonbE— AJ Green (@AjGofor6) October 4, 2015 The dramatic Kansas State game brought about some excellent moments on social media. See some of the best moments here:Your 2016 commits?? pic.twitter.com/mXHSWnqA1Y— Nicholas Starkel (@NickStarkel) October 3, 2015https://twitter.com/edsbs/status/650456545109479425#OKstate Crowd shot at BPS with about 15 minutes to kickoff pic.twitter.com/JHyCytKzOZ— Kyle Fredrickson (@kylefredrickson) October 3, 2015 O state>>> k state— paige (@paigiedonovan) October 3, 2015 I say it again. Ben Grogan. Say something bad #okstate pic.twitter.com/iDCE3R4aLt— Mike Wendling (@WendlingMike) October 3, 2015 #okstate is missing its top two running backs. K-State is without every quarterback on the roster. Let’s get weird.— Nathan Ruiz (@NathanSRuiz) October 3, 2015 Watch and cheer is the only thing we have to do let them play lol #OKState— Jeremy Smith (@Gold_Mine31) October 3, 2015 K-State is currently playing its 5th string quarterback in a Big 12 game. Some kind of record?— Kellis Robinett (@KellisRobinett) October 3, 2015#ImConfusedJerrod Heard’s got nothing on Kody Cook #ImConfused— Kyle Fredrickson (@kylefredrickson) October 3, 2015 I think the defense missed the flight back from Austin.. #okstate— Brody Coday (@BrodyCoday) October 3, 2015 If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more

Greyhound Canada to end routes in Prairies and BC

first_imgOTTAWA – Greyhound Canada says it is ending its passenger bus and freight services in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, and cancelling all but one route in B.C. a U.S.-run service between Vancouver and Seattle.As a result, when the changes take effect at the end of October, Ontario and Quebec will be the only regions where the familiar running-dog logo continues to grace Canadian highways.“This decision is regretful and we sympathize with the fact that many small towns are going to lose service,” Greyhound Canada senior vice-president Stuart Kendrick said in an interview with The Canadian Press.“But simply put, the issue that we have seen is the routes in rural parts of Canada, specifically Western Canada, are just not sustainable anymore.”Kendrick said 415 people will be out of work as a result of the decision, which he estimates will impact roughly two million consumers.The company is blaming a 41 per cent decline in ridership since 2010, persistent competition from subsidized national and inter-regional passenger transportation services, the growth of new low-cost airlines, regulatory constraints and the continued growth of car ownership.Declining ridership is the primary culprit, said Kendrick, who called the combination of declining ridership and increasing costs an “ongoing spiral” that’s making it impossible for the company to continue operations.He said the company has raised its concerns with provincial and federal officials over the years and wanted to ensure both levels of government were “fully aware” of the situation. Greyhound Canada has long advocated for a community funding model to allow any private carrier to bid on essential rural services, he added.Kendrick said Greyhound Canada will continue to push Ottawa to look at improving transport in northern communities.“There was a commitment to look at our issue, they’re well aware of it. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’ve had problems but there was no funding commitment at that time,” he said.“The company has experienced significant losses despite continued efforts to return to viability. In the affected regions, the company has run an operating deficit since 2004. We have had substantial losses over several years as a direct result of declining ridership.”All Greyhound routes in Ontario and Quebec will continue to operate except for one: the Trans-Canada, which links a number of smaller communities between Winnipeg and Sudbury, Ont.Kendrick said the decision will leave most of the affected communities with no other transportation options.Greyhound Canada applied to provincial regulators last year to discontinue routes in northern B.C. from Prince George to Prince Rupert because of declining ridership. Those cancellations went into effect June 1.The issue of adequate transportation came up repeatedly during the ongoing inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, since one of the affected routes included the notorious stretch of Highway 16 in B.C. known as the Highway of Tears, where a number of women have gone missing.The cancellations are scheduled to take effect Oct. 31.last_img read more

Horgan still blocking Trans Mountain after meeting with PM Notley

first_imgKinder Morgan, meanwhile, has given Trudeau until the end of May to find a solution that would provide their investors a measure of confidence that the project would be allowed to proceed.The meeting, convened at the last minute Thursday as Trudeau was departing for the Summit of the Americas in Peru, marked the first time the three leaders have all been in the same room together to hash out the dispute.(THE CANADIAN PRESS) OTTAWA, O.N. – B.C. Premier John Horgan says his meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley did nothing to end his ongoing efforts to block plans to expand an existing diluted bitumen line between the two provinces.Horgan, Alberta counterpart Rachel Notley and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met today on Parliament Hill in hopes of finding a solution to the impasse between the two provinces, which is threatening to kill the expansion project.Horgan says Trudeau laid out “legislative and financial measures” to push the project forward, but he did not elaborate. Privy Council Clerk Michael Wernick, Finance Minister Bill Morneau and Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr also took part in the meeting.Horgan’s opposition to Trans Mountain, rooted in part in the fact his tenuous NDP government depends on the support of the Green party, which staunchly opposes the project, is the main reason Kinder Morgan put the brakes on non-essential spending on theproject a week ago.Trudeau insists the Kinder Morgan pipeline is within federal jurisdiction and that Horgan’s government has no authority to block it, a claim Horgan wants the courts to evaluate, and one he says he plans to press ahead with.Trudeau’s cabinet approved the pipeline in 2016, following an interim environmental review process that included assessing things such as the emissions that will be created from producing additional fossil fuels that will flow through it. The cabinet decided the project, which will build a new pipeline that runs parallel to an existing one but can carry twice as much, was in the national interest.Trudeau has argued repeatedly his government has put in place the environmental protections and policies needed to reduce the risks of an oil spill, and that building the pipeline to get Canadian resources to market is necessary for the Canadian economy.Notley says Alberta will buy an equity stake in the pipeline or even buy the whole thing if necessary.last_img read more

Opinion polls should be banned ExCEC

first_imgNEW DELHI: Taking a critical stand on opinion polls, former Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi on Thursday suggested that opinion polls should be banned. The former CEC was speaking at a panel discussion, organised as part of the voter awareness campaign by District Magistrate (East) and District Magistrate (South) at India International Centre.Quraishi explained to the audience that the poll expenditure by the political parties and candidates and anonymity of the handling of campaigning are the main issue are to be taken note of. He also informed that on the advertisement on the release of the frame on biopic of Modi was taken note of EC and high level committee under chairmanship of Deputy Election Commissioner is constituted to enquire into the fact and take final decision to decide whether it is a violation of MCC or not. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderThe discussion was chaired by Prananjoy Guha Thakurta, noted journalist & TV personality and the key note address was given by the Dr. Ranbir Singh, IAS, Chief Electoral Officer, Delhi. The other members of the panel were Kamal K. Jaswal, IAS (Retd), Former Secretary, IT, GOI; Apar Gupta, Advocate & Executive Director, Internet Freedom Foundation; Dr. S. Y. Quraishi, Former Chief Election Commissioner of India; Nidhi Srivastava, IAS, District Election Officer (South); K. Mahesh, IAS, District Election Officer (East); and Prabir Purkayastha, journalist. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsThe programme started with the welcome address of K. Mahesh, IAS, District Election Officer (East) in which he flagged the issue of misuse of social media, print media and electronic media by the political parties in the form of concealed campaign for the election.He also flagged that there was a need after the 2014 election to formulate a policy on the use of social media during the election campaign. He stressed that under RP Act, 1951 the paid news must be made a cognizable offence. The existence of voluntary code of ethics is also the need of the hour, which is being developed by the Internet and Mobile Association of India. He also stressed that before the period of 48 hours of start of poll any offensive content or violation of MCC should be removed within three hours period. The cyber space does not conform to the geographic or political boundaries, so the artificial intelligence based engines of the social media players needs to use the robust technology to flag such contents.The CEO, Delhi Dr. Ranbir Singh, IAS in his key note address also stressed on monitoring of the paid news and campaigning through social media, electronic media and print media. He also informed that the Media Certification and Media Monitoring Committee of CEO, Delhi level and Returning Officer/District level are trying to monitor the use of those media by political parties.During the discussion K. Mahesh, IAS had intimated that the district MCMC had issued show cause notice to two leading Hindi News daily who also published e-newspaper for violation of MCC.last_img read more