Robert Griffin III Laughs Off NFLs 10000 Fine

Robert Griffin III joked about the $10,000 fine he received from the NFL for wearing unauthorized apparel before a Monday night preseason game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.The laughter came at the Redskins’ annual Welcome Home Luncheon after an auction for the charity ended. Griffin was speaking because he had just been named 2012 Offensive Player of the Year by the alumni.He opened by saying, “Those auctioneers did a good job. I would’ve given them 10 grand, but the NFL took it away from me this week.”Griffin’s remark drew laughter from the crowd, according to reports.Griffin was punished after wearing his “Operation Patience” T-shirt before the Steelers game. The shirt was an expression of Griffin’s own recovery process, coming back from his knee surgery and eager to play.This isn’t the first time Griffin has been penalized over apparel. He was fined $10,000 for wearing Adidas clothing to a post-game news conference against Cleveland last December. The NFL has a sponsorship deal with Nike. read more

Scientists discover a gamechanging way to remove salt from water

first_imgDrink up! Getty Images The planet is warming, industries are pumping more salt water into the environment and when the water wars are upon us, drinking water will be more valuable than gold (you heard it here first).That’s why the ability to quickly and easily desalinate water has long been a goal of scientists around the world. And now, a group of researchers from Columbia University believe they’ve found a way to do it. The process is called Temperature Swing Solvent Extraction and it’s designed to purify hypersaline brines (water that contains a high concentration of salts, making it up to seven times as salty as seawater). This kind of waste water is produced by industrial processes and during oil and gas production, and it poses a major pollution risk to groundwater. The research team, led by Ngai Yin Yip, a Columbia Engineering assistant professor of earth and environmental engineering, mixed a solvent (dyed red) in with a sample of hypersaline brine (dyed blue). 1 Now playing: Watch this: How to stop climate catastrophe | What the Future The liquids appear to stay separated in the jar, but after heating them, and then decanting the red solvent into another jar to be heated separately, the team was left with a layer of clear water. While the science is complicated, the above video shows the process in a pretty simple way (no chemistry Ph.D. required). What’s most exciting about the process is its implications. The team was able to remove up to 98.4% of the salt, which is comparable to the current “gold standard” process, reverse osmosis. But unlike reverse osmosis or other methods of desalination, this process doesn’t require high temperatures or high pressures — just a low-grade heat of less than 70 C (158 F). And that makes it a game changer — both for treating waste water and even creating drinking water fit for human consumption. “TSSE could be a disruptive technology,” said Yip. “It’s effective, efficient, scalable, and can be sustainably powered.”You can read the full study in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters, or read the shorter run-down here. More Science News Tagscenter_img 6:23 Comment Sci-Tech Share your voice UN experts report 1 million species now threatened with extinction See what future black hole images might look like from space These robots help fight soil erosionlast_img read more

Sri Lanka remands monk for attacking Rohingya refugees

first_imgA group of Sri Lankan hardline Buddhists protest outside the United Nations office in Colombo on September 27, 2017. AFPA Sri Lankan court on Monday remanded in custody a Buddhist monk charged with leading a mob which evicted Rohingya refugees, including 16 children, from an UN-protected shelter.A magistrate ordered that Akmeemana Dayarathana be held for a week pending an identification parade in connection with last Tuesday’s attack on a refugee centre near Colombo.Police told the court in Mount Lavinia that the monk was a member of an unlawful assembly, obstructed police and caused disaffection among peaceful Buddhists.“Peace-loving Buddhists were shocked to see a saffron-robed monk behaving so badly,” a prosecuting police officer told AFP. “We are charging the monk for causing distress to Buddhists.”The raid on the refugee centre, which housed 31 Rohingya refugees, was led by Dayarathana’s radical Sinhale Jathika Balamuluwa (Sinhalese National Force), which uploaded videos of the attack on their Facebook page.Several other people, including monks, were seen on the video urging supporters to destroy the refugee facility.Dozens of men and women led by monks stormed the building and smashed windows and furniture. Police eventually rescued the refugees who had huddled in upstairs rooms.Five men and a woman arrested over the weekend were also remanded in custody until October 9.The government of the Buddhist-majority country has accused the monks of behaving like “animals” during the attack, which left two police officers injured.The refugees arrived in Sri Lanka five months ago after the navy found them drifting in a boat off the north coast.Before that, they had been living in India for several years.More than 800,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled Myanmar in recent years. While most are in refugee camps in Bangladesh, a sizeable minority have moved to other parts of South Asia.The Rohingya have been the target of decades of state-backed persecution and discrimination in mainly Buddhist Myanmar, where many view them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.Extremist Buddhist monks in Sri Lanka have close links with ultra-nationalist counterparts in Myanmar. Both have been accused of orchestrating violence against minority Muslims.The UN High Commissioner for Refugees has expressed alarm over last Tuesday’s attack.last_img read more

Comcast Internet Essentials Program Launches DC Pilot for Seniors

first_imgBy George Kevin Jordan, AFRO Staff WriterD.C. residents met with Comcast staff and city officials at Holmes Senior Wellness Center, 324 Kennedy St NW, as the broadband company launched Washington, D.C.’s Internet Essentials Senior Pilot Program.It’s a comprehensive broadband adoption program where qualified seniors can receive broadband service at a low cost, around $9.95 a month and also have an option of purchasing a computer for just under $150.D.C. residents met with Comcast staff and city officials at Holmes Senior Wellness Center. (Courtesy Photo)The pilot program is new and is currently only offered to D.C. seniors aged 62 or older.“It’s meant to help us cross the digital divide, said Jessica Gappa, Director of Community Impact for Comcast’s Beltway Region.Gapp said the Internet Essentials program was launched back in 2011, and started out as a program focused on students to “help families be connected.” But there were other populations that could still be touched.“After having conversations, after getting that base of folks connected we started to see other areas and demographics that could benefit from being connected to the internet,” Gappa told the AFRO. “From the D.C. area we heard feedback from local partners and officials that the senior population could use some benefits and attention.”Gappa said having ears on the ground in the community was pivotal in addressing the needs of the community saying, “when looking at where a pilot program could be successful, you’re relying on your local partners, and there’s a really incredible senior servicing community.”Comcast is also equipped to deal with the conundrum of reaching a population that may not have digital service – about digital service.“One of the things we did was provide a flier to senior centers across the District and to get collateral into the hands of low income senior citizens,” Gappa said. “We really do still believe in that human element. And if people want to give us a call they can do that and talk through the program.”A 2018 Pew Survey found that 11 percent of Americans do not use the internet. Of that figure, 34 percent of those who did not use the internet were over 65 years of age or older. Admittedly this number was a lot higher reaching 84 percent in 2000, the study revealed. Another 13 percent of Americans aged 50-64 did not have internet last year. Income level seemed to be a dividing line as well as about 19 percent  of those who did not have internet made less than $30,000 per year. The Pew study did note that the number of people without services has significantly dropped since the organization started the survey. In 2000 the number of Americans without internet was 48 percent.The program also comes with free digital literacy training in which literature can be access in print, online or in person. For more information about the pilot program please visit or call 1-855-846-8376.last_img read more

France Telcomowned Polish telco TP ended the thir

first_imgFrance Telcom-owned Polish telco TP ended the third quarter with almost 700,000 TV customers. The telco has also seen a large boost in the number of customers taking a triple-play package.TP ended September with 578,000 DTH customers, up from 506,000 a year earlier, whilst its IPTV base increased to 116,000 from 109,000. Of the total TV subscriber base, 146,000 took one of TP’s premium packages including the Medium and Large packages, Orange Sport and HBO, while 69,000 took a package from cable operator ‘n’.TP has been offering n’s package of pay TV channels since the third quarter of 2011.The telco has increased its triple-play customer base to 191,000, up from 32,000 during the same period in 2011. This helped TP increase third quarter revenues to PLN386 million (€933 million) from PLN377 million.last_img read more

Swedish cable operator Com Hem has launched Hemtel

first_imgSwedish cable operator Com Hem has launched Hemtelefon i Mobilen (Home Phone-Mobile), an app that can be installed on Android phones and iPhones that enables fixed phone calls to be received on mobiles.The service allows up to five mobile phones to be connected to the same home phone number. The app also enables Com Hem customers to benefit from lower call-rates from mobile phones at home, outside the home or internationally via WiFi.The app is avaialble free of charge from Google Play and the Apple App Store.last_img