Understanding vPro: Chapter 4 vPro: What is with this trusted environment?

first_imgLet us look beyond this; how about Financial institutes’? They have a lot of personal information there. If the clients went down at a branch, a main server can come in and fix most software problems from a main site. Less desk side service would mean more money that would be distributed. I like more money also I like having reliability in an area that is holding my money. For some reason I like to retrieve what I put in. Stock markets have many people with computers, which would mean that there could be potential problems. If that happens instead of trying to figure out where that person is, they can fix the problem remotely. The main server that IT works on would make sure that all of the clients are protected from harmful outside sources. Where else would you want a trusted environment to happen? Make sure nobody can get your personal information that you do not want to, but when other physicians and/or staff that need to get to your records, they are able to. If that computer that has all your information is not working properly then other problems can occur and it would be a domino effect. vPro will be able to let the server have access this information and plug it into another client. See now don’t you wish you always had a big guy with hammers to destroy anything bad!! Understanding vPro: Chapter 1- What is it? Understanding vPro: Chapter 2-What is it used for/ why should I use it Understanding vPro: Chapter 3- Proactive Security- Does it have a tiny guard dog??? This trusted environment is very much an issue in today’s world. With vPro technology, it will help reduce this vulnerability. The trusted execution technology (TXT) is a new technology that helps within the virtualized computing environments. It will help on getting less software issues to come up. How this works is the TXT work with the virtualization technology for Directed I/O, the hardware will protect or isolate assigned memory to make the virtual machine less prone to attacks. Since the previous blog was [Proactive Security|p-11339] I feel it is only suiting to discuss the trusted environment. What the trusted environment comes down to is the hardware. Even though trusted environments are virtual, the hardware is needed to feed out any of the potential problems that can occur. Items such as viruses and hackers that can take over the PC and destroy any information we have on there, vPro will be able to, as I said in previous blog, weed out any problems. This is so cool, just think about it, it would be like a six foot, hammering crazy man, finding problems and taking care of them with his deadly hammers. (If I was a bug, I would be scared!) I came across a case study in my research: a huge hospital by the name of Nottingham University Hospitals (NHS) that has two different primary sites that are 30 min apart. With 6,000 desktops that are there imagine how much they would spend in IT alone. Once this was implemented in the two primary sites, it takes them only 10 minutes to deal with support calls, which would even mean when the client is powered down, instead of two hours. If you would like to read more about this case study go to [The Future of IT Support.|d-1131] last_img

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