Parking meters revisited

first_imgThe controversial parking meter project is once again in the spotlight, as the report on that issue done by the Commission of Inquiry appointed by the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) had been published. The M&CC is now expected to deliberate on the content of the report, and make a decision on the way forward based on the various options provided by the Committee, taking into account its contractual obligations and so on. So far, the M&CC seems to be shying away from tackling the issue frontally, as it has further delayed any decision on the project until sometime in September, when the matter will come up for discussion again.The parking meter project attracted much controversy when it was officially rolled out in January 2017. Due to the several concerns regarding the contract and the actual implementation of the project itself, citizens, led by the Movement Against Parking Meters, formed large protests, demanding that the contract be rescinded. These sustained protests resulted in Communities Minister Ronald Bulkan ordering that the paid parking initiative be suspended and a committee be formed to have the contract revised.The Committee held several consultations with individuals and various stakeholder groups, and even though the sessions were poorly attended, it was clear that majority of persons were against the project and favour a complete termination of the contract. It should be mentioned that the report laid out five or six options, ranging from rejection to acceptance of the parking meter project; but the Commission, on its part, did not recommend any position.The Guyana Consumers Association (GCA), which speaks on behalf of all consumers, had from the inception pointed out that there is no social or economic justification for such a project to be imposed on the City, and had called for the contract to be revised or scrapped altogether. On this basis, the GCA had listed several valid reasons why the project in its present form should be rejected; these include:(1) Smart City Solutions (SCS) had refused to disclose any financial information, including investment, except the Commission took an oath of non-disclosure of such information. This refusal to provide any financial and accounting information by SCS hindered the work of the Commission, and went counter to the Government of Guyana’s policy on transparency.(2) In the Contract between SCS and M&CC, SCS was allotted 80% of the returns and M&CC 20%. SCS would notionally have made an investment of USM, while the City Council’s investment would have been the road system of Georgetown, worth many billions of dollars, plus the cost of the continuous maintaining of the roads over the next 20 years of the Contract. In other words, SCS would have invested less than 1% of the cost of the Scheme but would have been collecting 80% of the revenues! Such a giveaway of public funds is unacceptable.(3) The owners of the Parking Meter Scheme would have been harvesting hundreds of millions of dollars per year, which would be sent abroad, causing a constant drain of the foreign exchange on the country. Such a net foreign exchange drain would lead to a weakening of the Guyana currency, resulting in increases in prices of goods and services.(4) The Parking Meter Scheme would have caused businesses great losses. Their customer parking would have been eliminated, and the acceptance and delivery of goods at their premises would have become more expensive and time-consuming. Any contraction of business could result in unemployment and increase in prices of some consumer goods. The business community were therefore against the Scheme.(5) Business in Georgetown would have further dried up, since business people and folk from the countryside who usually came to the City to shop and participate in entertainment activities would find it too expensive to do so, and would no longer come.Finally, we agree with the GCA that the overwhelming majority of the population of Georgetown, as well as the tens of thousands who visit the City every day for business or pleasure, are against parking meters. This is good enough reason for the project to be scrapped. The M&CC should therefore proceed in making the tough decisions, and do what is necessary to relieve us of this monster which no doubt would add more stress to an already burdened population.last_img read more

IBIS Graduates 110 Youth in Industrial Training

first_imgGrand Gedeh County Chief Education Officer (CCEO) has underscored the importance of industrial education as a means to obtaining better paying jobs in Liberia.CEO Harrison Darwolor made the remark recently at program that marked the graduation of 110 youth in Grand Gedeh County with skills in carpentry, masonry and cosmetology. They included 16 carpenters, 18 masons, 26 cosmetologists.The graduation exercise is the conclusion of an initiative by IBIS-Liberia, aimed at empowering young people by providing job skills with focus on adolescent girls particularly in the Southeastern region.“Today is another remarkable day for young people who have acquired industrial skills to be more efficient to our society. We have come to witness their entry into the global society from their past performance. For that, we want to express gratitude to IBIS-Liberia,” Mr. Darwolor said.He said it is important for Liberians to study industrial and vocational courses, because the country is in need of professionals in those areas to support development initiatives.“We have come to recognize the importance of much needed skills to develop the country, an idea which IBIS-Liberia has made possible,” said CEO Darwolor.He challenged the graduates to undertake the task of nation building, adding, “We wholeheartedly depend on you to use the skills you acquired for the betterment of the country. “Industrial education,” he said, “is one of the policies that bring development to any nation.” Mr. Darwolor, further urged the graduates to set good examples to motivate and become role models for others who would want to follow their fine examples by taking up courses in the industrial education.IBIS-Liberia Education for Youth Empowerment (EYE) program manager, Eusebio Rincon, said in his remarks that education and youth empowerment are IBIS’s key priorities.The EYE project is a 10-month non-formal education program with three equally important components including literacy and numeracy with life skills training for disadvantaged youth. EYE aims at responding to the education and training needs of illiterate and semi-literate youth. Mr. Rincon said that back in 2005, IBIS together with partners WHH and Medica started to implement the Reintegration and Recovery Program in the Southeast with funding from the German government through KFW. Morris W. Gbessagee, IBIS Governance Program Director, said the issue of youth development and employment was one of the critical components to education development.He said IBIS-Liberia and partners including the government realized the need to address the challenge of youth underdevelopment and unemployment, and will continue to train and equip young people with employable skills. He lauded the graduates for taking advantage of the opportunity IBIS-Liberia has provided to acquire knowledge and skills that would make them productive citizens.IBIS, he said has worked in the country for a little over 11 years through its joint education and governance thematic programs. He said it will continue to support the development of the country in partnership with local and national civil society organizations to encourage and promote active citizens’ participation, representation and decision-making. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Lest we forget the development sabotage

first_imgDear Editor,It seems like many moons ago Guyana had its first minority Government, as such, is the intensity of living in Guyana over the past two and a half years. Indeed, the almost daily eruption and unearthing of a new scandal, scheme, corrupt practice or policy to unleash untold suffering upon the populace, makes the very daily existence in Guyana, an unprecedented challenge and more than a mouthful to swallow. It is why I find it necessary to pen this letter to remind Guyanese of an administration which, when in Opposition, bullied its way against a Ramotar-led People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Administration, and, continues to bully the people of Guyana, every step of the way.The current Administration enjoys catapulting itself onto a pedestal and casting judgement on the PPP Government with the insinuation that the development agenda being pursued by the party, under the framework of the Low-Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS) was somehow subpar. Editor, even an ex-facie examination of the LCDS would reveal its superiority to the Green State Development Strategy (GSDS); a document which is supposed to be the development plan of Guyana until 2030 which contains glorified narrative and no underpinning mechanism of economic or social transformation.It is indeed true that energy is one of the most important sources of economic transformation in any developing country – Guyana is no different. Any attempt to stymie any project which aids in the improvement of the energy sector, must be seen as a position which is diametrically opposing to progress and antithetical to development. Unfortunately for the people of Guyana, this antithetical position was recurrent in the Tenth Parliament of Guyana, propagated by the one-seat majority APNU/AFC Opposition.Editor, three actions, which should not be seen as mutually exclusive, must be examined to understand how the APNU/AFC has single-handedly underdeveloped the energy sector and inhibited improved efficiency. These are: 1) the anti-Amaila Falls Hydropower Projects stance; 2) the inciting of protests in Linden on the regularising of the electricity rates and; 3) the inability to conceive a viable replacement on the same scale as the Amaila Falls Project. I will briefly examine each.The anti-Amaila Falls Project stance could probably be remembered as the greatest sabotage on Guyana’s development in the post-structural adjustment period. Editor, this project was internationally lauded by development experts, engineering specialists, international agencies and local experts.I cannot overemphasise the economic benefits which would have accrued from cheaper electricity but improved Private Sector competitiveness in international markets; greater disposable income for consumers and; the ability to attract more foreign investors to our shores were among some of the most immediate. Despite pleas by President Ramotar and other senior PPP members, the APNU/AFC remained steadfast in their anti-development position.The inciting of violence in Linden when the regularisation of electricity rates was initiated in the Budget speech, represents another sore point in recent Guyanese history. Regularising the electricity rates in Guyana would have represented the first step to ensuring that GPL, which suffers from inherent inefficiency due to line losses, moved one-step closer to second-best efficiency. This however, Editor, was not to be.Perhaps the greatest injustice stricken onto the Guyanese people is the woeful intellectual infertility by the APNU/AFC to conjure a viable alternative to the Amaila Falls Project which would provide the same magnitude of power. The Windfarm Project which at its peak is supposed to generate 30 per cent of the power of the Amaila Falls Project, is strife with corruption from the very outset. Moreover, we are almost at the end of 2017 and halfway through this Administration’s term in office and no substantive progress has been made on this project.I would offer to close by reminding the Guyanese public that even through the trying time of development sabotage, PPP Administration grew the economy by 13.8 per cent over a three-year period – sublime economic growth by any measure.In the absence of such strong performances, the economic growth over the three-year period would have been a lackluster six per cent approximated. It is a small wonder therefore why the Guyanese populace complain of trying economic times and a visionless government. Editor, almost a decade later and we are still no closer to any form of alternative energy and face blackouts as a part of our daily lives. Why? Lest we forget the development sabotage. Yours sincerely,Nand Puranlast_img read more

American Chamber of Commerce welcomed

first_imgDear Editor,I am pleased to read in your media that an American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham) will be formed in Guyana sometime soon, as announced by US Ambassador Perry Holloway. I have long championed for the formation of such a commercial outfit, but could not get takers. Business persons will listen to the Ambassador. And may I also suggest the formation of a US-Guyana Friendship Society that people of other nations set up between their countries and the US.Amcham and a US-Guyana Friendship Society will help to bolster economic and strategic ties with the US while leading to a higher standard of living and level of security from threats from hostile neighbours.Amcham will bring the two countries closer together. It will also help Guyana to address challenges in priority areas, such as security, energy, economics, infrastructure, foreign investment, and manufacturing, among others. Amcham will create tremendous opportunities that would benefit both countries’ economies with job creation and growth. It could even lead to high-level dialogue with US Administration officials on geo-political and strategic interests. Amcham will provide a solid foundation from which to work to strengthen bilateral engagements and reinforce Guyana-US strategic, economic, cultural, and people-to-people ties. One must also remember that more Guyanese live in the US than in Guyana.It is noted that Guyana had strong ties with Washington after the restoration of democracy under the Jagan and Jagdeo Administrations. Unfortunately, post- Jagdeo, relations with Washington inexplicably strained, including a blast against the US Ambassador Brent Hardt during the Donald Ramotar Presidency. Since becoming de facto leader of PPP, Jagdeo has been mending relations with Washington. The former President Jagdeo has signaled that he wants the next PPP Government to work closely with the US.There is need for a strong and collaborative partnership between Georgetown and Washington on a number of issues, not the least being: territorial security; trade; energy; attracting greater foreign investment, especially in manufacturing; and expanding access to skills training and education in the US.If Guyana is to achieve its economic and strategic potential, it must work collaboratively with the US and other western countries, like Canada and Britain. It must also try to overcome the many ghosts that Ambassador Holloway mentioned in his speech at Marriott on July 11 at the reception for US Independence Day.The country must boldly face the myriad economic and governance challenges, including endemic corruption and violations of the constitution that slow growth, development, and foreign investment. Amcham will help in this endeavor, and businesses should welcome and join it.Yours truly,Vishnu Bisramlast_img read more

Safari 7s set for October as Safcom return

first_img0Shares0000r-L KRU chairman, Richard Omwela, KRU CEO, Ronald Bukusi and Safaricom Director of Consumer Business, Sylvia Mulinge display the dummy cheque during the announcement of Safari 7s sponsorship. PHOTO/Safaricom/TwitterNAIROBI, September 10- The annual invitational Safari Sevens tournament will be held from October 2 to 4 at Nairobi’s Safaricom Stadium where 16 teams are lined to take part.This year’s edition was in doubt when integrated mobile services provider, Safaricom, pulled the plug on Kenya Rugby Union citing corruption and fraud on April 2. At the same time, the new head coach of the national sevens team and his technical bench could be unveiled later Thursday or Friday when the Union board sits to finalize the appointment.On Thursday, Safaricom returned to the fold with a cheque of Sh30m but will not be the title sponsors of the event, hence the reverting of its traditional name.“We are expecting a few new international teams including Brazil and Canada but nothing is confirmed yet,” KRU boss, Richard Omwela, said in a press briefing.“The reason for Kasarani obviously is because on that day, we understand the Nairobi International Trade Fair maybe happening and secondly because over the years, we believe that we have outgrown the facilities at that ground in terms of logistics and the risks involved in having a key event at Ngong Road,” the union leader said in explaining why they opted for the biggest sporting facility in the country as opposed to the event’s spiritual home, Nairobi’s Rugby Union of East Africa Grounds.“We having being delaying the announcement because the event requires funding since it is not a cheap event to have,” Omwela added on the premier sevens showpiece that has been pushed to October.Safaricom’s Director of Consumer Business Safaricom; Sylvia Mulinge, stated they are happy with the progress that the union is making though not all issues have been dealt with in relation to accountability.“We do have to say while we have not yet fully seen everything we needed to be implemented specifically around governance, accountability and transparency which still need to be taking care of,” she stressedMulinge added: “This decision follows reassurance from the KRU Board that it has initiated measures aimed at cleaning house including placing the forensic report by the audit firm PKF before KRU’s independent disciplinary committee but that does not mean we will be less vigilant in our demands for proper governance.”Brazil are hosting next year’s Olympics where rugby sevens will debut in Rio with teams from regular visitors from Fiji, New Zealand, Samoa, South Africa and Britain expected.“Brazil have been very keen to travel and see the experience of hosting a big level 7’s tournament so they have been on the phone every week saying whether we are on or not,” the KRU boss underlined.On the national sevens team technical bench constitution, the Union chairman charged, “Majority of our board are meeting today (Thursday) to finalize the new management of the team.Information on the disciplinary hearing is also being discussed and should be released tomorrow (Friday).”Sevens head coach Felix Ochieng’s contract expired end July and is not expected to be renewed while his assistant, Vuyo Zangqa and strength and conditioning coach, Graham Bentz, both from South Africa, were facing disciplinary action by participating in the players’ strike.The Union has received 14 applications for the role with four of them foreigners.Long-serving team manager, Steve Sewe, also reapplied for his post after his contract also expired end July with KRU naming an interim squad of 31 that are due to start training on Saturday.Expected Safari 7s teams1)         England2)         Italy3)         Portugal4)         Samurai International5)         Spain6)         Namibia7)         Tunisia8)         Zimbabwe9)         Brazil10)      Canada11)      Welsh Warriors12)      Australian Icos13)      Uganda,14)      Western Province (SA)15)      Argentina16)      Kenya Shujaa 0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Judge says better management of delta needed

first_img 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! SAN FRANCISCO – The government’s management of the Sacramento delta runs afoul of sound science and a new management plan is needed for a region that supplies most of the state’s water, a federal judge ruled on Friday. U.S. District Court Judge Oliver Wanger in Fresno said federal and state water agencies have failed to adequately protect fish called smelt when pumping water from the delta. He said he wanted a new plan proposed within 30 days. “The Delta smelt is undisputedly in jeopardy as to its survival and recovery,” Wanger wrote in tossing out a 2005 pumping plan developed by federal scientists, who found the current program didn’t jeopardize the fish. That finding was “arbitrary, capricious, and contrary to law.” Giant pumps are constantly sucking water out of the delta and sending most of it to thirsty Southern California cities via an aqueduct visible along long stretches of Interstate 5. Lowered water levels in the delta are bad news for the smelt because their habitat often becomes warmer and saltier than they are accustomed. The Fish and Wildlife Service in July 2004 said the Bureau of Reclamation’s water management plans would not jeopardize endangered and threatened delta fish. It renewed the scientific opinion in February 2005. The Natural Resources Defense Council and five other environmental groups sued the Fish and Wildlife Service in February 2005. The action followed the federal agency’s ruling that said increases in state and federal pumping from the delta to benefit farmers and Southern California cities would not harm federally protected delta smelt. The environmentalists asked a federal court to invalidate that opinion, which Wanger did late Friday. “I think it sends a pretty clear message to the agency that they can’t treat the delta like a piece of plumbing,” said Earthjustice attorney Andrea Treece, who represented many of the environmentalists who sued.last_img read more

‘What a time to be alive!’ – Fans react as Northern Ireland qualify for first ever European tournament

first_img1 ‘What a time to be alive!’ – Fans react as Northern Ireland qualify for first ever European tournament Northern Ireland booked their place at the 2016 UEFA European Championship after beating Greece 3-1 at Windsor Park.What a night for Michael O’Neill’s men.It will not only be their first appearance at a major tournament since 1986, but it’s the first time they will ever take part in a European tournament.As can be imagined, congratulations and ecstasy towards Northern Ireland has flooded social media.So, with such excitement, we’ve put together the best reactions.  Take a look at the comments of supporters who now cannot wait for the competition to kick off in France next summer…last_img

Harry Redknapp unlikely to return as Jordan boss but grateful for opportunity

first_img1 Harry Redknapp is willing to act as an advisor for Jordan but is unlikely to return as boss. The former Tottenham manager’s two-game deal finished after a 5-1 defeat in Australia on Tuesday ended Jordan’s chances of reaching the 2018 World Cup. They missed out on reaching the next stage of the Asian section by a point despite an 8-0 win over Bangladesh in Redknapp’s first game last week. Redknapp, who was initially appointed by president of the Jordan FA Prince Ali bin al-Hussein, was open to extending his stay if they had progressed but still wants to help even if he is not manager. He said: “I would help them, the Prince or anyone, free of charge. I would meet them in London, have a chat and if they want me to do anything any time then I’m only too pleased to do it.“I would do a little bit of stuff if they wanted me to. If I could help in any way then I would give my time because they were fantastic people. I don’t know what full-time (manager) would be but I couldn’t go and live away. I would like to see them get one of their own lads in.“I would have loved to have qualified for the Prince and all the people there. It was a great experience for me, something I’ll never forget and something I’ll treasure for the rest of my life.” Redknapp, also an advisor at Derby, was joined by long-time assistant Kevin Bond and conceded Tuesday’s game in Sydney was a step too far for Jordan.The ex-QPR boss said: “They were on a different level to us. Australia drew 2-2 with Germany, the world champions, and go to play England in a few weeks. “Our lads are great lads but their set-up is on another level. There’s always a gulf, that’s football. “But they were special people. All of the coaching staff stayed up (after the game). They wouldn’t go to bed because our flight was at 6:30 in the morning. They sat with us in the hotel until we left for the airport, even though they were tired.”READ HERE – Harry Redknapp on Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast: ‘Mauricio Pochettino to Manchester United? Why would he want to leave Tottenham?’ Harry Redknapp agreed to take charge of Jordan’s final two Group B World Cup qualifiers last_img read more

‘The games have been PERFECT for Vardy’ – Heskey tips striker for England start

first_img1 Jamie Vardy celebrates his equaliser against Wales Emile Heskey has called for Jamie Vardy to start England’s next Euro 2016 clash against Slovakia, following his goal heroics against Wales.Roy Hodgson’s side came back from a goal down to beat their rivals 2-1 on Thursday thanks to second-half strikes from substitutes Vardy and Daniel Sturridge.The duo replaced the ineffective Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling at half-time and proved their worth, with Vardy equalising in the 56th minute before Sturridge fired in in extra-time to seal a crucial three points.England are the only team unbeaten in Group B after two games, and would seal their knock-out stage spot in style with a result against Slovakia in Saint-Etienne on Monday.Whether Hodgson will give Vardy a chance remains to be seen, but former Three Lions frontman Heskey has been disappointed with the Premier League-winning striker’s lack of game time so far at the tournament.“I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t create as many chances against Wales as we should have with our possession, but Harry Kane just hasn’t had the service so far,” the ex-Leicester and Liverpool man told the Alan Brazil Sports Breakfast.“The games have been more geared towards Vardy anyway. In the Russia game, they’re got two slow, aging defenders and plenty of space in behind.“That would have ticked all the boxes for Vardy, so it’s just been a bit of a shame that he hasn’t had the chances to play.”Following their heroics against the plucky Welsh, there have been calls from fans and pundits alike to drop Kane and an out-of-form Raheem Sterling and play Vardy and Sturridge together up front.But Heskey admits Hodgson is unlikely to deviate too much from the starting XI he picked at the start of the Euros.“Roy is a really difficult position now,” he added.“I’d say play Vardy and Sturridge.“They turned it around against Wales by scoring both goals from the bench, so I think they’ve warranted enough to be given a chance for the next game.“But it’s likely that he’s already chosen his starting XI.”last_img read more


first_imgRaphoe Family Resource Centre:Father & Child Programme Springboard Family Support Project in conjunction with Raphoe Family Resource Centre is running a five week Father & Child Programme starting on Monday 9th June – Monday 7th July 2014 from 10am – 12noon each day.Refreshments provided.If you would like to take part in this programme please contact Springboard office on 074 9173918 or Raphoe FRC office on 074 9145796Baby Yoga:The Family Resource Centre is delighted to announce that it will be running Baby Yoga classes. If your little one has not yet started crawling these classes would be ideal. Baby Yoga offer lots of benefits such as:1) Strengthens and aids development2) Improves sleep patterns3) Aids digestions4) Enhanced interaction5) A balance of activity and relaxation6) Pleasure and funThe first session takes place on Friday 6th June at 10.30am and the classes are FREE. To book a place contact Melanie on 0749145796Child Counselling Service:The Family Resource Centre provides a free and confidential Child Counselling Service, made possible from funding received from the Child and Family Agency. The Counsellor, a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist who is a member of the National Association of Psychotherapists will be available in the Family Resource Centre on Mondays (excluding Bank Holidays) from 11.30am-3.00pm. To make an appointment please contact 086 3969149. Please note, when it is considered to be appropriate parental/guardian consent will be required.Dementia-friendly Initiatives:The Family Resource Centre used the occasion of International Day of the Family on 15th May to launch two dementia-friendly initiatives in association with Dementia Aware Donegal (DAD). The launch took place amidst the backdrop of the beautiful surroundings of Oakfield Park, and the fine sunny weather added to the occasion. The initiatives were officially launched by Avril Easton, Project Leader Dementia-friendly Communities of the Alzheimer Society of Ireland and we would like to thank Avril for travelling from Dublin for the launch. The Family Resource Centre and Dementia Aware Donegal would also like to thank the following for making the day such a memorable one: Sir Gerry and Lady Heather Robinson for kind permission to host the launch in their estate, Brian Mc Elhinney and Oakfield Park staff for their courtesy and care during our visit, the Presbyterian Women of Ray Presbyterian Church in Manorcunningham for providing the very tasty refreshments, Joe Porter for designing a Treasure Hunt through the grounds of Oakfield Park, Springboard Family Support Project for use of the community bus, Neil Meehan, our bus driver who always makes himself available to support our work, and our dementia-friendly volunteers-Patsy O’Hagan, Betty Mc Clintock, Theresa Murphy and the Royal and Prior Transition Year Students for their assistance on the day.International Day of the Family:The Family Resource Centre hosted a number of events to celebrate International Day of the Family on 15th May and we would like to thank the following for their support leading up to and on the day: Roniah Bogdanowicz and Ciara Wasson, Student Placements who organised the activities as part of their placements, Louise Mc Carron for her work in putting together the photo exhibition, St. Eunan’s Terrace Residents Association and Donegal Co. Council for kind permission to use the ‘Terrace Field’ for the sports day, Ciaran Allan for supplying a referee’s whistle, and Joe Porter for organising and facilitating the Kube (as not seen on TV.!)Farewell:The Family Resource Centre recently bade a fond farewell to Roniah Bogdanowicz who had been on Student Placement with us for 6 months from NUI Galway. Roniah is undertaking a B.A. in Social Care and during her time with us was responsible for organising our 16 Days of Action Opposed to Violence against Women event in December 2013, International Women’s Day in March and with Ciara Wasson our one day programme to celebrate International Day of the Family on 15th May. We wish her well in her continuing studies.Welcome:The Family Resource would like to welcome Eva Gallagher to the project. Eva is currently teaching basic computers to young people on Wednesday afternoons and to service-users from Rehabcare Lifford who live locally as part of Rehabcare’s Outreach Programme. Eva is available on Wednesday mornings from 10.30am-1.00pm to support anyone who would like to learn more about ICT. There is no cost to this service.Irish Dance Classes:The Sharon McCaul Irish Dance Academy will be runningclasses in the Family Resource Centre on Thursdays from 5-6pm commencing on Thursday 5th June. Come and learn how to dance for Competitions, Grades or simply for Fitness and Fun! For more information please contact Sharon Friel, TCRG, on 086 2117948.A.S.I.S.T.Raphoe Family Resource Centre is hosting the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (A.S.IS.T.) on Wednesday 9th and Thursday 10th July 2014 from 9.00am-4.30pm both days and we are now taking names of anyone interested in this informative training.A.S.I.S. T. is a training course developed for both members of the public and professionals, and aims to enhance people’s skills to intervene until either the immediate risk of suicide is reduced or additional support or resources can be found.The emphasis of the two-day workshop, which is free, is on suicide first aid, on helping a person at risk to stay safe and seek further help. To book a place please contact us on 074 9145796/087 3641503 or email Raphoe 5K:Raphoe 5k in association with Lifford Athletic Club will take place on Tuesday evening 15th July so don’t forget to pencil in the date! The race, which is now into its 4th year, and which is part of Donegal Co. Athletics Board’s Grand Prix Series has been incredibly successful thanks to the large number of entrants not only from the Raphoe area but from the surrounding towns of Lifford, Convoy, Castlefin, St.Johnston, Aghyaran as well as runners from Ballybofey, Letterkenny, Strabane and Derry.Brendan O’Donnell, Lifford Athletic Club has been of tremendous support to the Family Resource Centre in the organising and running of this fundraising event and we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Brendan for that support.Little Smiles with Big Dreams:Little Smiles with Big Dreams is a parent and toddler group that meets every Wednesday morning at 10.30am –12 noon in the Family Resource Centre. Anyone who is in care of a child where it is an aunt / uncle/ child-minder or grandparent is welcome. The kiddies can get involved in Messy play, free play, story time and music time where the adult can enjoy a cuppa tea and meet other adults. Parent and Toddler are a great way to enhance your little one confidence and meet others their age. A light lunch is provided and a small cost of 50 cent per family.   DD LOCAL: BABY YOGA CLASSES AT THE RAPHOE FAMILY RESOURCE CENTRE was last modified: May 23rd, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:DD LOCAL: DD NOTICE: Raphoe Community NotesFeaturesNoticeslast_img read more